Thursday, July 30, 2009

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Collection Of Audio & Videos from New Ramayan Series (2008-09)

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Until now, Nobody has provided Setup to install Ramayan Songs. We are thefirst one who provides you Setup File for Ramayan Songs. Folks, its annoying to click on every song & download hence, we have created a Setup Of Ramayan Songs for you. You don't have to download all the songs manually; download all the 8 parts of Ramayan Songs Installation and you'll get all the songs.

Please, Read Installation Guidance:

Password to access the file: jaishriram
Serial No. to continue the installation: (write as same as here)

Download all the 8 files in a same folder, once you complete the downloading click on the RaMaYaN Collections and Enjoy!
Note: You won't get Tan's Collection in this setup file.
A Simple "Thank You" Would Be Enough For Me And Will Keep ThisTopic Alive.... Please, Visit This Blog / Dilsedesi Website again & again to check updates include Setup...

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This is a valid and Virus, Trojan, Spyware Free Installation.

List Of Ramayan Songs:

Password to access your selected file: exploretheunexplored

Samachar Sachiv Sumant Ke Aane Ka Sun Urmila:

Tan's Collection ( We even recommend you to visit Tan's blog

Ramayan Katha from Old Ramayan Part 1 Audio:

Ramayan Katha from Old Ramayan Part 2 Audio:
Ramayan Katha from New Ramayan Part 1 Audio:
Ramayan Katha from New Ramayan Part 1 Video:
Ramayan Katha from New Ramayan Part 2 Audio:

Ramayan Katha from New Ramayan Part 2 Video:

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